What are beef organ supplements?

Beef organ supplements have been gaining popularity in recent years, particularly from pastured and grass-fed cattle. Many people want to consume organs but often they do not like the taste of organs such as liver or they have difficulty finding organs from grass-fed cattle. Because beef organ supplements come as capsules or powder, they are an easy and convenient way to consume organs. 

What Are Beef Organ Supplements?

Beef organ supplements are made from the organs of cattle. All our supplements are from grass-fed and pasture-raised cattle only. We use the term “organs” broadly to mean not just organs such as the liver, heart, kidney, thyroid, lungs, testicles, and spleen, but also collagen, beef bone powder, beef broth powder, and beef blood supplements.

How Are Beef Organ Supplements Made?

Making beef organ supplements involves the following steps:

1. Harvesting and selection: It all starts with the cattle. We only source our beef organ supplements from pastured and grass-fed cattle that enjoyed both a humane and healthy life. We say no to industrially kept cattle that cannot graze.

2. Freezing: The organs are frozen at extremely low temperatures, often below -50°C. They are then typically freeze-dried. This means that the frozen organs are placed in a vacuum chamber. Low-pressure conditions allow the frozen water within the organs to sublimate, transforming it from ice to vapor. This process typically takes several days and results in the removal of approximately 98% of the moisture.

3. Grinding and packaging: The freeze-dried organs are then ground into a fine powder and packaged in airtight containers to prevent moisture absorption and preserve the nutritional content.

Nutritional Benefits

Unfortunately, the law prohibits us from making any health claims.

Brands of Grass-fed Beef Organ Supplements

We carry grass-fed beef organ supplements from the following European producers (in alphabetical order):

Boru Supplements is a small Northern Irish brand. What’s special about their beef liver supplement is that it is not just from Irish grass-fed cattle. The cattle also eat algae! We think that’s super cool. It’s also unique! We have beef liver capsules and a mix of beef liver and kelp powder from Boru Supplements.

DENSE is a Swedish brand. The supplements are made from either Swedish, Estonian, or New Zealand cattle. We have bull testicles, bone broth powder, and a bone matrix powder. The bone broth powder is basically a bone broth in powder form. The bone matrix powder, in contrast, is the whole bone. The cattle are all grass-fed and pastured.

edubily is German brand that mostly focuses on vitamin and mineral supplements, some of which carry and which we use ourselves (like all our products). In the “organ” category, we only have their collagen from Argentian grass-fed cattle. The collagen is enriched with minerals.

Nutriest is an Estonian brand. The supplements are made in Estonia from Estonian grass-fed cattle. We have liver (capsules and powder), heart, kidney, lungs, thyroid, two mixes of various organs, and bull testicles. The cattle are all grass-fed and pastured.

Paleo Powders is a Dutch company. The cattle are all grass-fed and pastured. We have  beef blood protein isolate from New Zealand cattle and beef collagen from European (Irish) cattle.

Brands we do not carry

We do not stock Ancestral Supplments.


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