What is dulse?

Lappentang. I wish I was that photogenic!

Dulse, also called dilliskor dilsk, is a beautiful and tasty red algae that grows along the northern coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Culinarily speaking, dulse is our favorite seaweed because there are so many uses for it.

Dulse or algae in general are gaining popularity because they are generally rich in trace elements. Dulse in particular “tastes like the sea”, as a friend enthusiastically said upon trying dulse for the first time.

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Recipe: Roasted Dulse Chips – “vegetarian breakfast bacon”.

Dulse is pretty and tastes great straight out of the bag …

Dulse, we have often said, is our favorite seaweed. It’s pretty, it tastes great and it’s also versatile.

Among other things, dulse is great for making incredibly delicious chips. Some people even compare dulse chips to breakfast bacon in terms of taste – and indeed, we find that dulse chips can be used quite nicely as a bacon substitute.

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