What are beef organ supplements?

Beef organ supplements have been gaining popularity in recent years, particularly from pastured and grass-fed cattle. Many people want to consume organs but often they do not like the taste of organs such as liver or they have difficulty finding organs from grass-fed cattle. Because beef organ supplements come as capsules or powder, they are an easy and convenient way to consume organs. 

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What is dulse?

Lappentang. I wish I was that photogenic!

Dulse, also called dilliskor dilsk, is a beautiful and tasty red algae that grows along the northern coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Culinarily speaking, dulse is our favorite seaweed because there are so many uses for it.

Dulse or algae in general are gaining popularity because they are generally rich in trace elements. Dulse in particular “tastes like the sea”, as a friend enthusiastically said upon trying dulse for the first time.

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D-Mannose: Effective or not?

One employee had a recurrent urinary tract infection. Immunotherapy done years ago helped, but still an infection came up every now and then.

D-Mannose - a simple sugar with an amazing effect
D-mannose – a simple sugar

Doctors have repeatedly prescribed the antibiotic cudgel. Because antibiotics should only be used in exceptional cases, but here they became a regularity, we looked for an alternative treatment method.

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